Small Groups

Small Groups

Exeter Small Group

Small Groups are a vital part of our congregational life at Zion Mennonite. While corporate gatherings are significant and encouraged, there is the potential for the individual to get lost in the bigness of the setting. A small group can provide a more intimate atmosphere where the needs of the participant can be met. Some of the small group members have been believers for many years, while others are new to the journey of faith. Developing relationships, praying, worshiping, equipping, and studying together to live out biblical truths are integral elements of the small group. Supporting one another through life crises is another strong feature of Zion small groups.

Zion small groups are also encouraged to look outward and find ways to serve the community and invite new participants into their group.

We have several small groups that meet in homes and a women’s Bible study that meets at the church.

If interested in learning more about small groups, contact the church office at 610-856-7417.